To tell a page-turning story, authors must learn the craft of writing.


  • We read stories and novels both in and beyond the genre we write.
  • We share our work in writers groups to learn from each other.
  • We engage beta readers and hire a professional editor to help us shape, rewrite, and publish stories with characters the reader can relate to, be entertained by and escape with into a helievable imagined world.
  • We sign up for webinars, workshops and attend conferences, take notes, ask questions and network.


Struggles with the rewrite of The UnMatchables second case of interntional intrigue and suspense prompted me to sign up for a virtual Writer’s Digest conference crafted especially for authors of mysteries and thrillers. I learned about

  1. How to Write an Opening that Pulls the Reader In
  2. How to Turn Ideas into Stories
  3. Creating Engaging Character Arcs in the Novel and Novel Series
  4. How to Engage Your Readers
  5. The Challenges and Advantages of Amateur Sleuths
  6. Point of View: Special Issues for the Mystery and Thriller Writer

Tips scribbled during these six sessions over a weekend filled pages in my designated student author notebook.

I’ll pull apart the novel’s first sentence and paragraph to tell you, the reader, what the story is about and what’s about to happen.

I’ll pump up the out-of-whack inciting event and choose stronger words to drop you into the setting.

I’ll trace the rise and fall of inner conflict in each character’s world.

I’ll tighten the plot to tempt you with just enough but not too much and leave the rest to your imagination.


Whew! I’ve got work to do! I can’t wait to share the revised and improved “Danger Revealed” with you!