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Welcome to the first Write Up! newsletter from my new home north of the border. I’ve come a long way in every way possible since publishing my first ‘one-and-done bucket list’ romance novel Reservations in 2013. Seven years, two more romance novels, a novella and four short stories in the New Life in Love McKenna family saga series and a 2,100 mile move from my Iowa hometown later, I’m living my dream of full-time fiction author. The switch to romantic suspense that began in Iowa with a first draft became The UnMatchables Case #1: Danger Noted published in October 2020.

The UnMatchables Case #1 Published

Their first slam dunk case pivots deadly.

Private investigators Eddie Emerson and Kelly Gillespie specialize in deep dive background checks for clients wary of an intimate partner who seems too good to be true. Jacob Malone has fallen in love with the lovely first chair cellist in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Cherise Blanchet’s guidance and friendship helped Jacob’s son master the cello and cope with his parents’ bitter divorce. Jacob hires the PI partners to dig into Cherise’s past. Gossip leads to intrigue and an international high society celebrity with more than his reputation to protect. Clues and cover-ups connect petty crimes, unsolved sexual assaults and mysterious threats linked to an assassin with a secret vendetta.
Readers review
“A captivating, sensual and intriguing investigative crime drama that left me eager for the next book in the series. I am a fan of author Teresa LaBella’s works and this book is well written fiction with memorable characters and an evocative storyline full of surprising twists that kept me turning the pages.”

“It’s a page turner from the beginning. Quick read, good story, memorable characters. Looking forward to Case #2.”

What’s Up Next

Nearly a year after the idea became story, months of writing, editing and the most arduous rewrite ever, my first political thriller Capital Strings is almost ready to launch!
Publication date: April 19, 2021!

big ben during nighttime

The fate of a nation and lives on the line.

Prime Minister Evan Reid led his country through a deadly pandemic. His promise to keep Canadians safe through an amendment to a bill that severely restricts the ownership of handguns could cost him his life at the hands of a covert network of members determined to stop him.

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Marisa’s sharp-tongued younger sister Rachel is guarded and not easy to get along with. Drew McKenzie is convinced that he has to have her and will stop at nothing to persuade her that they are meant to be. The Scottish Highlands and enchanting Edinburgh are the backdrop for this whirlwind romance!

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