The love of my life and I planned a summer of day trips to Nova Scotia’s beautiful beaches. We mapped out routes while the snow fell. Huddled and hugged in front of the woodstove and under the duvet. Dreamed of warm sand, blue skies, the ocean and lemonade.

We got there. Then two days later the sweet taste of summer turned sour. Life handed us a bushel basket of lemons. My husband’s stomach ache required major surgery and forever changed how we will live and cherish every day of our lives together.

Our love story and his encouragement inspired my first novel “Reservations”. That one and done accomplishment at the top of my bucket list became the New Life in Love series and the start of my career as an author of romance, romantic suspense and political intrigue.

Summer won’t last. Life slips away like sand with the waves. If we let it.

Enjoy every precious moment.