Everything has changed since April.

The creative talent behind my book covers, the videos that promoted my work and the graphic design on my author website, book marks and business cards no longer sits at his desk or alongside me at book signings, My publisher, ace beta reader, head cheerleader and inspiration for Chef Darien McKenna in the New Life in Love romance/family saga series lives only in my memories.

My husband, soul mate, best friend and the love of my life John Leonardo Winston LaBella left this world on May 2nd.

Half of me is gone. That hole in my heart and soul will be forever empty. I experienced the most painful constants in life that we all avoid thinking or talking about and do whatever we can to resist, delay and avoid.

Nothing stays the same.

Life has shifted from ‘we’ to ‘me’, an autopilot existance difficult to navigate. The missing co-pilot would kick me in the throttle to jump start my writing career. It wasn’t easy. But I have finished the third draft rewrite of The UnMatchables Case #2: Danger Revealed. The second novel in this suspense series will be published. The outline and narrative for Capital Ties, the sequel to my first political thriller Capital Strings, is taking shape.

I’m back. Stay with me. The story of UnMatchables clients Lucas, Victoria and Rayen will be worth the wait.