A reader and aspiring writer asked for the message behind my current work in progress.

Every author has experienced the struggle of the caption, that short and snappy discovery description summarizing thousands of words and multiple chapters to hook readers. We write lines into pages of words. Combine some. Cross out others. Read the words out loud. Ask and may pay for expert advice.

What is the message behind “Danger Revealed”? The story of Rayen’s harrowing search for her father. For freedom from human trafficking, slavery and a cruel master criminal.
The anguish of Lucas torn between the woman and country he loves and a graveside promise to save Rayen.

He writes a letter of hope in English and Spanish, the languages of their native land. A message delivered at life-threatening risk.

My dearest Rayen,

Luck or fate has intervened on our behalf. We are both in Chicago.

Men who are determined to keep us apart have stolen a laptop computer with information vital to the national security of Canada and the safety of others living beyond my country’s borders. This information can only be accessed by a pass code assigned to me. The laptop’s location can be tracked when the device is activated. This laptop is in the building where  you are. Find it. Turn it on so that I may find you.

I must return to Canada soon. But I made a promise to your grandmother at her grave that I will not leave without you. Be strong and stay hopeful. Your new life is about to begin.

I reread the letter Lucas had dictated to me. Then wrote the response to my reader.

What is the message behind “Danger Revealed”?

Inhumanity and the saving grace of Love.