Snippets of stories told to me or situations personally experienced spark many of the characters, settings and scenes in my novels. The real life mom of the local chef who inspired the character of Eric, Chef Darien’s sous chef in “Reservations” and owner of Chez Nous in “Heartland,” was first in line at the Coffee Hound book signing yesterday.  I wrote “To Mary, the wind beneath Eric’s wings” on the inside cover.

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Later as I closed my eyes on the day, I whispered a sincere ‘thank you’ to my readers and to my husband, the wind beneath MY wings.  Without John in my life, these romance novels would never have been written or published.  My storyteller 30 author website would not exist.  I would not have been introduced to the real life Chef Eric or met Mary. There would be no personal delight at sharing the stories and characters I imagine with you. I have and will continue to realize my dream with my husband at my side, the wind beneath my wings.