Book Bums workshop past. That's me at the head of the table.

Book Bums authors will meet virtually this year.

For the first time, our tribes of loyal and new readers won’t gather with us around tables and in rows of chairs or browse individual displays and ask us questions about our books. We won’t sign our name at the end of a personal note to the reader buying the book or another who will receive their gift of places, plots and characters born in our minds and living through our words.

Instead, we’ll ask three questions of each other via the world wide connective wonder of Zoom for two hours this coming Saturday morning or afternoon, depending on the time zone where we live and write.

What have you worked on and/or learned in the past year?

What do you need help with on your current project?

What are you looking to tackle next year?

I’ll share with you my ideas, thoughts and insights on the answers to these questions, and a few asked by past workshop attendees, as the online start time for Book Bums approaches.

Related FAQs to ponder:

Where do I find story ideas?

Which comes first: theme or plot?

How do I create characters?

Which point of view is best to tell the story?

How do I know when to write The End?

If the question you want to ask isn’t posted, well, just ask. We’ll explore the answer together.