The day of rain predicted has arrived to drench our December Sunday morning.  We’ll work inside today and savor the memory of a warm and dry Saturday afternoon, our dogs on leashes leading us along a late season green path at West Lake Park.

Our almost impassable basement is packed with stuff pushed aside to accommodate delivery of a new washer. Boxes stacked in our living room prevent us from putting up a Christmas tree.  Our not quite ready for clients home office needs immediate attention.

We could have stayed in and tackled a task yesterday. But we went to the park instead. We chose to seize the moments that will never come again.

I accept that not all of my words of advice and wisdom may be useful or taken to heart by readers of my blogs or listeners attending various forums I’ve presented. So if I could choose one message I’d hope you will make your own it would be

Seize the Moments.

When your friend calls and says he’s putting his boat in the water, close up the can of paint, put down the brush and pick up that fishing pole.

When your mom calls and asks you to join her at that café around the corner serving your favorite lunch special of the day, push away from your desk and save the yogurt for tomorrow.

Ignore the laundry for another hour and take your dog for a walk in the sunshine.

Friends move away. Mothers age. Dogs lives seem shorter than the retractable leash. But memories live on.

Seize the Moments.

You’ll be so glad you did.