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What We’ll Do For Love

A reader and aspiring writer asked for the message behind my current work in progress. Every author has experienced the struggle of the caption, that short and snappy discovery description summarizing thousands of words and multiple chapters to hook readers. We write lines into pages of words. Combine some. Cross out others. Read the words […]

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My bad could be good for you! The planned October release of Case #2 in The UnMatchables series won’t happen. That’s my bad. Well, sort of. The book launch date I’d penciled in my author calendar for “Danger Revealed” would have fallen on opening day of the 2021 World Series. A day short of one year […]

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Brrrr!! Writing Winter in Summer

Freelancers know all about writing articles for a future season. Tips on creating the perfect Christmas centerpiece when the rose bush outside our window is in full bloom. Pitching the latest trends in swimwear while bundled up in sweats. .  The UnMatchables next high risk case takes place in December when the Windy City of […]

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Write Up! August 2021

The love of my life and I planned a summer of day trips to Nova Scotia’s beautiful beaches. We mapped out routes while the snow fell. Huddled and hugged in front of the woodstove and under the duvet. Dreamed of warm sand, blue skies, the ocean and lemonade. We got there. Then two days later the […]

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Write Up! July 2021

Ah, Summer. My favorite time of year.   As an Iowa child, I dreamed of living where it’s warm year round. Where ice is served in drinks, snow is on Christmas cards and neither ever falls from the sky. Then I married a Canadian. So much for that dream! But we do live near the […]

Write Up! June 2021

  I was about four chapters into this book when I caught myself wishing the story was on a screen. Cable, movie, doesn’t matter. It has that much potential for a strong visual story. This political thriller, refreshingly set in Canada instead of Washington DC, has the pace of Scandal and the complexity of West […]

Summer Starter

Happy Victoria Day to my fellow Canadians! Enjoy this summer season opener excerpt from my latest novel “Capital Strings”. Fishing rods, cans of insect repellant and Mum’s warning to clean whatever we caught wherever we docked the boat traditionally marked the first long weekend of our summers as the sons of Tony Reid. The best […]

Write Up! April 2021

Where, oh where is Spring?   Easter 2021 is a memory and so far, so are warm sunny days like this one snapped last summer in Nova Scotia’s stunning south shore. The crocus has bloomed and faded in my garden. The branches on our half acre are still bare. But the buds showing on the […]

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