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Write Up! April 2021

Where, oh where is Spring?   Easter 2021 is a memory and so far, so are warm sunny days like this one snapped last summer in Nova Scotia’s stunning south shore. The crocus has bloomed and faded in my garden. The branches on our half acre are still bare. But the buds showing on the […]

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You got this Kelly “UnMatchables” excerpt

In celebration of International Women’s Day, I’m sharing a scene that showcases the strength of a woman when she needs to turn on the badass. From “The UnMatchables Case #1: Danger Noted”. Concern that the assassin’s anger at a plan gone wrong could turn the assassin’s lethal focus from her to Eddie converted the tremble […]

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Distinct Authors Guest Blog

Thank you to Patricia Bates, the talented cover designer of The UnMatchables Case #1: Danger Noted for sharing my guest author comments on the Distinct Authors blog. Merci beaucoup!  Please welcome special guest Author Teresa LaBella February 19, 2021 What are common traps for aspiring writers? The solitary process of writing tends to insulate writers within […]

Write Up! February 2021

Hello from Nova Scotia! Welcome to the first Write Up! newsletter from my new home north of the border. I’ve come a long way in every way possible since publishing my first ‘one-and-done bucket list’ romance novel Reservations in 2013. Seven years, two more romance novels, a novella and four short stories in the New […]

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Writers Helping Writers

Thank you Writera Magazine for featuring me and “The UnMatchables”! Sounds like this is a passionate and thrilling story, a lot of people will surely be intrigued to read it. Tell us more about it and how you’ve come around writing about this particular theme and its characters. Three ideas converged to launch The UnMatchables: […]

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Comfort & Joy

It’s easy to conjure the specter of Ebenezer or wear the green-faced Grinch scowl and Debbie Downer pout behind the mandatory mask this holiday season. Indoor dining and late-night gathering restrictions have cancelled annual festive get-togethers with friends. Social distancing adds a layer of frustration to shopping. Santa Claus calls ho-ho-ho from behind a thick […]

The Day Before Book Bums

For two hours, authors will ask each other three questions from the comfort and safety of the space where we create. What have you worked on and/or learned in the past year? What do you need help with on your current project? What are you looking to tackle next year? I’m ready with the answers […]

Two Days to Book Bums

Question #3 from my fellow Book Bum Workshop authors: What are you looking to tackle next year? Answer: Write and publish two novels, each in a different genre, both the second book in a series. How will I do that? Identify the theme. Outline the plot. Create the characters. People want to read about people. […]