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What’s On Your Shelf?

Avid lifelong readers trace the history of our lives by the books on our shelves. Those books we packed and hauled with us with every move, no matter the distance or stage in life. There’s the Lord of the Rings trilogy I had to have in junior high and never read. Shame on me! The Outsiders […]

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Suspense or Thriller?

The backside slide away from my favourite season toward fall moved me from an adirondack chair into one that swivels behind my writer’s desk. Fingers accustomed to holding a tall glass of coolness tap the keyboard. Capital Ties takes shape. Readers of my first uniquely Canadian political thriller, Capital Strings, want to know Prime Minister Evan Reid’s decision. […]

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Danger Revealed Has Found a Home!

I am beyond pleased to have signed a contract offered by Purple Porcupine Publishing to publish The UnMatchables Danger Revealed, the second novel in my romantic suspense series! The independent Canadian company is dedicated to bringing books of all genres to life. I’m fortunate and grateful to be welcomed into the Purple Porcupine family of […]

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Characters Are Like Cookies

Have you ever read a book with only one character? Not one main character but one character from first page to last? There are probably some titles out there. For me, plot without at least two ‘you and me against the world’ characters to connect with and care about isn’t a very interesting story.   Eddie Emerson and […]

How Do You Do That?

  “Hey fellow authors!” I scrolled down to read the message. “How many books will you write and publish this year?” The replies popped up. My jaw dropped. “Six to write and seven more to publish.” “Write twelve and publish fifteen including three box sets.” Whoa. I ask myself “How do you do that?” My editor […]

Readers’ Choice!

Every featured town in the linked article from Travel Awaits is within driving distance of our home in Nova Scotia. So, dear readers, I want to hear from you! Which would be the ideal setting for my next romance novel? https://www.travelawaits.com/2713479/nova-scotia-towns-like-a-hallmark-christmas-movie/?amp&fbclid=IwAR11QuAAuyFRi-rk3QimZnw47-cpeuixE1ZZU-K11tjfIbcKf2NQLSKhopY