New Life in Love in Real Life …

I celebrated an O-no! birthday the day before New Year’s Eve, three months and five days after I closed the door on my day job and opened the window to opportunity.

The learning curve toward successful self-employment, fulfillment and enjoyment has been steep.  Navigating the relentless stream of online how-to webinars, blogs and white papers.  Researching and reading books on publishing, marketing and making a living as a writer. Networking to connect with people willing to share advice and pay for what I have to sell.  All consumes energy and time.  Days and weeks flew by.

Without warning or much fanfare it’s 2016. A new calendar goes up on the wall. A page turns and new chapters begin in life and love and the last book in my first romance trilogy.

Marisa’s story flows from the creative place where I love what I do, through my fingers on the keyboard to the pages that will be published for you, my readers, to enjoy this summer.  The next unfolding novel storyline will take us to a fictional past based on facts, with research on vineyards and wine-making, black-and-white images and details of my grandfather’s life that will weave a family history he might have imagined but never lived.

My Irish grandmother taught me that God never closes the door without opening a window.  My window is open wide. Let’s explore the opportunity for new life in love together.