Like all lovers of growing things, we look at the perennials, the books we’ve published. We see what’s done well, learn from what didn’t, and experiment with something new.

In time, with tilled creative ground work, idea fertilizer, careful weeding, and the right marketing mix, the experiment might take root and return as a seasoned perennial series.  Or, sadly, despite all our love and care, it could fail to flourish. We’ll try again next year or take a different path, choose another genre.

My New Life in Love romance trilogy garden of perennials continues to bloom. The “Love Unlikely” novella graft on “Tales from Heartland’s” three e-book short stories will release in paperback this summer with a new fourth tale.

My experiment in romantic suspense got underway when the ground was still frozen last winter. I’ll share more on “The UnMatchables” as the characters and story grow. Until then, here’s a snippet description of what’s to come:

Edward “Eddie” Emerson III and Kelly Gillespie set up shop in the north shore Chicago suburb of Lake Bluff with the intent of tapping into their own unlucky in love experiences to help clients avoid a similar heartbreaking fate.

Their first client Jacob Malone, senior partner at a high-profile Chicago law firm, arrives at their door shortly after the movers deliver the office furniture.  The divorced father has fallen in love with the lovely second chair cellist in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Cherise Blanchet’s gentle guidance and expert instruction helped Jacob’s teen-aged son Blake conquer the cello and cope with his parents’ bitter separation.  Before he proposes marriage to the teacher his son adores, Jacob hires the PI partners to discreetly dig deep into Cherise’s present and past.

The case that seems like a slam dunk quickly deteriorates into a sordid and dangerous game of one-night-stand players that leads to a spurned guest conductor with more than his reputation to protect.


So authors – what genres are planted in your writers’ garden?

Readers – what titles are front of garden on your summer reading list?

I just finished Nora Roberts’ “The Obsession” and am moving on to “Windy City Knights.” I’m always up for recommendations. Let’s share the harvests from our book shelves!