Although I’m not a fan of the season that follows, I love Fall, especially in the Midwest. Golden light spills through leaves changing color, casting shadowy patterns on sidewalks, streets and lawns, warming hearts against the crisp autumn breeze..

Fall has always been my time to reflect on the year passing and plan to make the most of the time remaining.  I guess it’s no surprise that life changing events in all three of my romance novels occur in fall.  In “Reservations,” Darien meets Ali, the love of his life, at a charity gala held annually in October. The same time of year years later, he begins his unplanned journey to Iowa alone and finds love again in “Heartland.” His daughter Marisa abandons a career in culinary arts at the beginning of fall semester and struggles to discover her new, true life path and a place of “Belonging.”

I’m writing her story while I contemplate the consequences of giving up my day job to follow my full time author dream. I’m not sure how either story will end. But I’m certain that both my character and I are exactly where we should be.

Lead on, Marisa.