We all stare down deadlines.

A project at work. The first day of school. Moving day. Books due at the library. Dinner at five.

Fill in the blank.

The deadline list and level of stress attached to it changes with the choices we make. Procrastination intensifies stress.

Writers rely on the creativity within and a publication deadline can bring on nerve-jangling rattle or inspired, flowing hum.  My nerves jangled last week over newsletter content and layout.  Flow carried me to crescendo hum when the send email command released the finished product to the printer on deadline.

Author Douglas Adams said “I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly buy.”  Is the whoosh a hum of victory or a groan of defeat?

“Heartland” is calling. The characters are talking to me.  Their story needs to be told.

I choose hum.