I am beyond pleased to have signed a contract offered by Purple Porcupine Publishing to publish The UnMatchables Danger Revealed, the second novel in my romantic suspense series!

The independent Canadian company is dedicated to bringing books of all genres to life. I’m fortunate and grateful to be welcomed into the Purple Porcupine family of fiction and non-fiction authors represented by President and Publisher Vanda Jackson.

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New to my newsletter: What I Read
My perpetual need to enjoy the work of authors I admire and to discover new author voices led me to pick up a book set in a time and place I would usually pass on by.

Canadian author Lisa Rochon’s first novel, Tuscan Daughter, transported me to a time in history I’d never thought to visit and peer into the souls of revered masters through the eyes of a woman who loved them.

Beatrice lives outside the tenuous protection within the 16th century walls of Florence. Her father is murdered by marauders. Her mother abandons her. Selling olive oil is her only means to survive.

Leonardo da Vinci and Michaelangelo buy what she sells, see the
artist within her, befriend and mentor her. Beatrice draws on her strength to encourage the rivals in the midst of creating their respective masterworks: da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and Michaelangelo’s David.

Words chosen by the author for her characters are the stuff of dog-eared pages and margin notes. The research required to write this novel, and the passion it took to bring it to life, boggles this author’s mind. Tuscan Daughter is simply, beautifully brilliant.