Fall In Love

To give a romance read a 5 star review, I must fall in love with the man who captures the woman’s heart. Darien McKenna was easy. I not only brought him to life in Reservations, I borrowed much of him from the love of my life.  I don’t know who inspired Nora Roberts’ Brooks Gleason […]

A Garden of Characters

Yesterday, I indulged my gardening habit in the green of Spring craved during endless months of winter endured.  I chose my crop of perennials, herbs and vegetables, dug holes and pushed roots into soil, fertilized and watered the tender plants that will grow in time with rain and warm sunlight. Today, I indulge the author’s […]

Writing from the Middle

I don’t believe there is a “proper” way to organize your creative writing muse. Some authors swear by the outline.  Others look at their story as a screenplay, a film unfolding behind their eyes.  The characters move in linear time and imaginary spaces from expository beginning to neatly wrapped up ending.  Notes are made along […]

Letting Go of #Heartland

Three sets of expert eyes read, reviewed, commented on and edited “Heartland” – the second book in my first-ever romance trilogy.  I respect their opinions and consider their suggestions. Omitted words have been added, punctuation and grammar mistakes corrected, and scenes tweaked to enhance the storytelling. For me, the most difficult task of writing attempts […]