Distinct Authors Guest Blog

Thank you to Patricia Bates, the talented cover designer of The UnMatchables Case #1: Danger Noted for sharing my guest author comments on the Distinct Authors blog. Merci beaucoup!  Please welcome special guest Author Teresa LaBella February 19, 2021 What are common traps for aspiring writers? The solitary process of writing tends to insulate writers within […]

The Day Before Book Bums

For two hours, authors will ask each other three questions from the comfort and safety of the space where we create. What have you worked on and/or learned in the past year? What do you need help with on your current project? What are you looking to tackle next year? I’m ready with the answers […]

Two Days to Book Bums

Question #3 from my fellow Book Bum Workshop authors: What are you looking to tackle next year? Answer: Write and publish two novels, each in a different genre, both the second book in a series. How will I do that? Identify the theme. Outline the plot. Create the characters. People want to read about people. […]

Four Days to Book Bums

Saturday workshop question #1: What have I worked on and/or learned in the past year? A timely move to rural Nova Scotia ahead of a pandemic that closed the U.S. border opened the possibility to rewrite and publish one book and rapid write another. My author genre shift from romance to romantic suspense wasn’t as […]

Friday Life Footnotes

“Happy Birthday, Daddy” “Well, hell-OOOH.” I grin at the sound of the steady, familiar voice, unaffected by advanced age. “How are you doing, Dad?” My voice travels back to him over 2,100 miles, from my new home in Nova Scotia to his room at a nursing home in my Iowa hometown. “I’m feeling pretty good. […]

Hello Again

I’M (ALMOST) BACK! After a 2,100 mile move from my Iowa hometown to Atlantic Canada last summer, I’ve settled into the Nova Scotia home and haven where the worlds my characters live,  love, and cope with conflict are created. WHAT’S NEXT? A major rewrite and a new novel Both are in the new-to-me challenging genre […]

4 Tales From Heartland + Love Unlikely

IT’S HERE! By popular request from my book loving readers – The paperback version of Tales from Heartland – 4 short stories (NEW – Adele’s New Life in Love added to the original 3 short stories in the Kindle version) and the saucy, sexy novella of Rachel and Drew’s whirlwind romance Love Unlikely! While I’ve […]