Freelancers know all about writing articles for a future season. Tips on creating the perfect Christmas centerpiece when the rose bush outside our window is in full bloom.

Pitching the latest trends in swimwear while bundled up in sweats.

The UnMatchables next high risk case takes place in December when the Windy City of Chicago blows cold and wet snow stings exposed skin. I’ve put myself in my characters’ shoes walking downtown streets and chasing criminals across slippery rooftops. I’ve felt the cold in Kelly’s hands as she wraps hers around hot cups of coffee during the long tedious hours of a stakeout. Breathed in with Eddie early morning air chilled by an overnight ice storm. 

I wrote the climax of “Danger Revealed” while Nova Scotia sweltered under a heat warning. In Chicago gusty winds blew frozen snowflakes. Brrrr!! It’s hot!

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Enjoy the last holiday of summer, dear readers!