By Teresa LaBella

A reverse May to December romance where love and food collide. Can chemistry and shared delight in food, wine, and film bridge the age gap and resolve mutual reservations about their longed for happily-ever-after? Will their passionate romance flare and fade? Or will the lovers discover love is ageless when it’s meant to be?

Live alone? Or risk it all for love?

The solitary yet satisfying lifestyle entrepreneur Alison Clarke carefully crafted for herself through hard work and determination is upended when she meets the uncomfortably good-looking Chef Darien McKenna at a charity gala to help the homeless of New York City.

Despite doubts about his availability and their obvious age difference, she makes a reservation for one at Chez Nouz, the upscale mid-town Manhattan restaurant where Darien commands the kitchen, hoping to attract the attention of the handsome executive chef. The rapid pace of the lovers’ passionate romance sparks their journey on an improbable adventure that neither could have alone.

Is love ageless when it’s meant to be?

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