Love Unlikely

By Teresa LaBella

Rachel’s life began in the final pages of Heartland. Darien closed the book on his love and life revealed in Reservations, hums a lullaby to his infant daughter, and snuggles against his wife Miranda, pregnant with the sibling to Marisa the couple had wished for in the new year.

Drew McKenzie isn’t sure what he dreads more.

Stay in Edinburgh and face the wrath of his business partner brother Charlie after Drew’s temper nearly costs their firm a lucrative deal? Or agree to an equally unpleasant task as a favor to his brother Alistair?

Drew opts for time away and a trip to the Scottish Highlands with Rachel McKenna, the sullen and moody sister of Alistair’s wife, Marisa. Rachel arrives from home in Iowa for a weeklong visit, carrying a load of emotional baggage. She mourns her father and envies her sister who escaped to Scotland, leaving Rachel to cope with their mother’s erratic behavior caused by the overwhelming grief of sudden loss.

Rachel retreats behind the protective barrier she’s built around herself and vows never to open up to love. Both Drew and Rachel struggle against their obvious attraction and intimate desire for each other. But their time together is running out. Will either reveal what they feel before Rachel boards a flight back and away from Drew forever?



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Love Unlikely

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