The Unmatchables Case #1 Danger Noted

The UnMatchables Case #1 PublishedTheir first slam dunk case pivots deadly.


Private investigators Eddie Emerson and Kelly Gillespie specialize in deep dive background checks for clients wary of an intimate partner who seems too good to be true.

Jacob Malone has fallen in love with the lovely first chair cellist in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Cherise Blanchet’s guidance and friendship helped Jacob’s son master the cello and cope with his parents’ bitter divorce. Jacob hires the PI partners to dig into Cherise’s past.


Gossip leads to intrigue and an international high society celebrity with more than his reputation to protect.


Clues and cover-ups connect petty crimes, unsolved sexual assaults and mysterious threats linked to an assassin with a secret and very personal vendetta.


Action! Suspense! Danger! Romance! This gripping thriller delivers it all! Author Teresa LaBella takes readers on a gripping joyride of fast paced, white knuckled adventure in this first of a new series featuring endearing Private Investigators Kelly Gillespie and Eddie Emerson. Hired to perform a deep dive into a cellist’s background, the duo uncovers threads of information that weave together a tapestry that tells a story of coverups, international crimes, deceit, and a truly wicked, seemingly untouchable criminal, all culminating in a most satisfying conclusion. Local cops, the FBI, even Interpol have nothing over these two! With sizzling chemistry sparking between her dynamic protagonists, and an engaging supporting cast of characters, LaBella has a hit new series on her hands! Shannon Hollinger, author of “Detecting Fear”


Action packed from word one! Loved this book. Not a dull minute to be found. I just found me a new favorite author! – Goodreads reviewer


Cold-blooded predators, beautiful music, and a friends-to-lovers romance! What more could you want in a book? – Misty Urban, author of monstrous and misbehaving women


“Danger Noted: The Unmatchables Case #1” is a captivating, sensual and intriguing investigative crime drama that left me eager for the next book in the series. I am a fan of author Teresa LaBella’s works and this book is well written fiction with memorable characters and an evocative storyline full of surprising twists that kept me turning the pages. – Tammy Rundle, Fourth Wall Films


An edgier vibe and more heat! As I read this it reminded me of some of the classic private eye stories with the PI in some seedy location, his gal who might not be a quiet, shy wallflower and thug bad guys. As I read this I had to turn on some 50’s music to match the mood of the book. If you’ve read Ms LaBella’s previous books I think you’ll be surprised at the difference. This had an edgier vibe and more heat than the previous books. Looking forward to the next in the series. – MJ Book Addict


I enjoyed this story with its interesting plot and engaging characters. Eddie and Kelly are a great match for their new P.I business and for their growing attraction. I liked the action and suspense involving a crazy conductor and cello teacher, with justice mostly being served in the end. – Lucy A.

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