New Life In Love Trilogy
Book 2

A shattered dream

      A shuttered home
            A glimmer of hope for

New Life in Love


The tragic sudden loss of the love of his life forces Darien McKenna to face life alone. His uncharted escape from the pleasures and pain of what was and plans that will never be leads to a detour in a downpour and a place in Iowa called Harmony.


Miranda McCullough deferred her art school dream to support her sister Sam through college and help her open a veterinary clinic in their hometown. Restoring and transforming the abandoned Meyer homestead into a place to make art, love and the family Miranda desires seems out of reach.


Until Darien. But will his past keep him from Miranda and the path to their future?


“A wide variety of characters contribute to the richness of the story and the dialogue is very well written. Each character has his or her own plans and dreams – some not so clear cut, and the second half of the book takes us along on the journey to work that all out.” Karen Nortman, author of the Frannie Shoemaker Campground mystery series


“The romance was heartfelt and endearing. The author had a lot of ground to cover and kept up her pace so the readers could arrive at the perfect ending.”


“I like well-written books and this is a well-written book. Coming from the Heartland I can identify with many of the characters and life in a small town. For those of us who have suffered a loss the author does a great job in helping the reader understand Darien’s state of mind. This book is well worth reading!”


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