New Life In Love Trilogy
Book 3


When Marisa’s certain path to her future ends, the struggle to recover from heartbreak begins.


The daughter of Darien McKenna admires and adores her Michelin star chef father. Lessons learned at his side earn her acceptance into a prestigious school of culinary arts and an apprenticeship at the upscale mid-town Manhattan kitchen Chef Darien once commanded.


Pressure to succeed in a high-stress career crushes her confidence. Devastating loss shatters her world.


Marisa’s search to find a new path leads to the land of the McKenna Clan and the arms of a heart-stopping handsome, yet lonely man. Alistair McKenzie traded his barrister career and life in Glasgow to preserve family history and honor on a farm in the Scottish Highlands. He’s tired of wearing his kilt to weddings and lifting a glass to another happy bride and groom.  He yearns for everlasting love with the lass who will be his wife.


Smoldering attraction and ignited passion bring them together.  Have Marisa and Alistair found forever love in their desired place of Belonging?


“A terrific book with marvelous characters and just the right amount of steam and humor. Marisa has the talent to be a top-rate chef like her father but isn’t able to follow her dreams to go to New York and conquer a place in her father’s former restaurant. In fact, her dreams lead her further afield. Her adventures in Scotland reveal a different path for her to find healing and love.” – Mary Davidsaver, author, Clouds Over Bishop Hill


“Teresa LaBella can tell a story, so grab your favorite throw and your spiced chai, curl up in your best reading spot and open “Belonging”. From her Harmony home, to New York City in her father’s foot steps, to her one true calling and forever love in the Scottish Highlands, the story of Marisa McKenna’s journey will thrill you, entertain you, and even “get your motor running”. – Leslie R.


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