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Helping authors from aspiring to traditional and/or indie published craft exceptional stories that engage readers, sell books, and turn transactions into transformational experiences.



Fiction writer Teresa LaBella has published five novels, a book of short stories and a novella in the genres of romance, suspense and political thriller under the 4Wurdz imprint. With over a decade of experience, the freelance writer and writing services consultant has mentored and presented workshops for young adult and adult learners on the craft of writing, the art of storytelling and marketing to sell more books.  


Is your manuscript ready for the next step?
4Wurdz offers:

Editing Services

Developmental Editing

Focuses on the elements of storytelling – plot, setting, characters, theme, conflict and resolution – to help guide the author through a rewrite of the next draft.


Polishes the manuscript for publication, a drill down from big picture to details; checks for mistakes, inconsistencies and repetition to help the author tell their best story.


Checks the finished manuscript for typos, spelling and grammar errors.

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Overwhelmed? Need guidance? Encouragement? A constructive critique?

4Wurdz coaching plans are designed to help authors stay focused and continue on the writing journey.


Coaching Services

From story concept to a finished product ready for publication, 4Wurdz for Writers offers packages designed to meet the author’s needs.


Package 1 – Hourly Rate & Review
An online exchange and review of your writing goals and ideas plus discussion of my written critique of your work.

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Package 2 – Writer Inspired
Clarify the book project and craft a plan to publication. Includes a complete review of what you’ve written or outlined plus Hourly Rate & Review package benefits.

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Package 3 – Finish Your Book in Your Timeline 
Complete review takes you and your book from a work in progress to launch.

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