Sprinkles of Real Life factor in to the Fearless Fiction I write. Where I’ve been, who I’ve known and the take away memories perceived weave with the plot, setting and characters that make it on to the pages of my books, novellas and short stories.

At the risk of recalling a well-worn and recognizable line from a familiar film, an anthology is like a written word sampler box of form, style and authors’ voices. “Roads We’ve Taken” tugs at the memories and heart strings of native-born Midwesterners raised rural or in cities and towns surrounded by cornfields.

Yup, my hand is up.

As an often homesick Iowan transplanted in Canada, the tug of this collection gathered under the theme of Memory pulled me back to streets and rivers I’ve walked on and along, highways driven and places forever twined in the story of my life. Bits of that story are woven into “Fireflies”, the mostly fictional but intimately personal short story I was honoured to submit and be selected for inclusion in this Writers on the Avenue anthology assembled and edited by author Misty Urban for Pearl City Press of Muscatine, Iowa.

Thank you, Misty.

The balance of poetry and narrative in the bittersweet theme of memory loss both contrasts and compares in reading Mica Rossi’s poem “Keeper of Her Memories” and my “Fireflies”. Other authors associated objects with memories; a hard-working friend earning $5 an hour in Thomas V. Lerczak’s “Wheelbarrow Blues”; Bob Bancks’s first set of wheels immortalized in “My Green Plymouth”; moss roses so many of us from the Midwest remember growing in our mother’s garden as does Kathleen Unger Hart in her poem titled for those hardy blooms.

“Roads We’ve Taken” is like going home. Sit a spell and set aside a time for nostalgia. Let these authors’ memories take you back.

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