Capital Strings is so well written and intelligently plotted I’m surprised this isn’t already optioned for Netflix.

Have you read Capital Strings yet? A political thriller that will keep you reading instead of sleeping!

The Prime Minister promised to keep Canadians safe. Everyone who voluntarily rolled up a sleeve got vaccinated against a deadly virus. Reid pledged to ban ownership of assault-style weapons manufactured only to kill people. Done and now law.

The Prime Minister’s amendment to the weapons bill has mobilized more than the official opposition.

A vague threat messaged to Chief of Staff Jerilynn Connor precedes a chain of violence linked to her RCMP husband’s past. The string of texts and untraceable calls between Alec Martin and the vengeful mind behind the anti-gun ban network is all the Director of Parliamentary Protective Service has to go on.

The clock is ticking. The vote is coming. The threat is approaching.

“I hold a string that’s connected to every person in this country, every country in the world. It’s only one string of many. But if I pull it too hard and it breaks, the chain reaction I start could be catastrophic.”

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