When technology works it is great. You are connected, brilliant feats of Tweeting, Facebooking live streaming of video are all possible. But the time they don’t you are left waiting for the event to begin.

Perhaps the omens were there? Usually batteries are fully charged for all devices.

Arrival at the locale, the Coffee Hound in Bettendorf, I wanted to take pictures of their coffee packages that they had created for HSSC. I had forgotten to bring a camera, fortunately my husband had put one in his briefcase. I then tried to take a picture but the battery in the camera needed charging.

My husband, in the meantime, was trying to set up a notebook computer so I could post from the signing. He found out that the notebook he wanted to use had somehow come unplugged the previous night and the battery had discharged, but he had bought a power supply and we were fortunate to sit near an outlet. Then we tried to connect to the Internet, only to be advised that the coffee shop’s connection was down.

As I said when technology works …..