Not for Chez-Nous Cheeseburgers

From the Romance Novel Reservations available on Kindle  or in Paperback

This is the cheeseburger that Darien serves at Home.


(Per person)

4oz of hamburger meat .You have a choice or 90/10 or 80/20. I prefer 80/20 because it has more taste…

1 ounce of Maytag Blue cheese, this is a really great Blue Cheese from Newton Iowa… not as “sharp” as Roquefort or as strong as Gorgonzola.

(Per pound of hamburger meat (4 servings))

1 egg

¼ onion diced small

Dash Worcester sauce


Mix the onion, Worcester sauce, egg & ground beef you are going to have to use your hands for this.

If it seems a little “sloppy” add a small amount of oatmeal or bread crumbs Take out about a 1” ball and flatten it into a patty.

Place the piece of Blue cheese in the middle and place another “patty on top.

Using your hands gently squeeze the patties together make sure you have thoroughly combined the edges or melted cheese will “ooze” out.

Let the burgers “rest for a couple of minutes…

Fire up your grill.

You should let the burger cook on one side before flipping (help reduce the chance of “seepage”)…

These do have to be cooked well done!

Wash your hands after handling the raw meat & eggs”

These can be made larger if you want… don’t increase the blue cheese too much or the burger will fall apart.

Enjoy this cheeseburger on a nice bun with your choice of condiments… you will get a wonderful “taste sensation” as you bite into the burger you get a mouthful of melted blue cheese

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