Tales-from-heartland (Small)

The New Life in Love trilogy started out as the stand-alone novel “Reservations,” the romance between exceptionally good-looking Michelin star Executive Chef Darien McKenna and successful self-made media consultant Alison Clarke.

As their sweet New York City love story unfolded, the plot and characters in “Heartland” began to take shape. Darien’s aimless attempt to run from his pain put him on a new life path to a small town in rural Iowa and a second chance at happiness with Miranda.

The trio of stories in “Tales from Heartland” re-visits the charm of Harmony, the lives of neighbors met in book two, and introduces readers to new friends.

Kevin Carstens, the shy tractor salesman who fights for and wins the woman he loves in “Brake Dancing.”

Bradley Jenkins, the mechanic who falls in love at first sight with a beautiful stranded traveler in “Tow in Love.”

Jocelyn Ellis, transplanted Chicago police officer turned Linn County Sheriff’s deputy, uproots her life to save her 15-year-old son Derek.  Both mother and son discover their new life purpose with a lonely drama teacher and his autistic daughter in “Kicking the Tires.”

May you, too, fall in love in Harmony.

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