Recipes from the New Life in Love Series

You read the stories, now learn how to make the featured dishes.

Cooking plays a major role in the New Life In Love series. Darien’s bruschetta introduces the Manhattan chef to Ali, the love of his life, in “Reservations.”  Momma Lucy makes soul food for the lovers’ first New Year’s Day party. Darien’s daughter, Marisa, earns culinary arts’ top award with her recipe for cassoulet in “Belonging.” Toss in a pinch of lovin’ from the stove and oven of Ali’s best friend David and “Heartland’s” diner owner Buck and you have the perfect recipe for success in your own kitchen. These are the recipes from the New Life in Love series. Let love, romance and the easy-to-follow instructions stimulate your taste buds and confidence to cook like a chef!

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