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Hello Again

I’M (ALMOST) BACK! After a 2,100 mile move from my Iowa hometown to Atlantic Canada last summer, I’ve settled into the Nova Scotia home and haven where the worlds my characters live,  love, and cope with conflict are created. WHAT’S NEXT? A major rewrite and a new novel Both are in the new-to-me challenging genre […]

4 Tales From Heartland + Love Unlikely

IT’S HERE! By popular request from my book loving readers – The paperback version of Tales from Heartland – 4 short stories (NEW – Adele’s New Life in Love added to the original 3 short stories in the Kindle version) and the saucy, sexy novella of Rachel and Drew’s whirlwind romance Love Unlikely! While I’ve […]

Spotting Ideas

  Where do you get your ideas? Whether at a workshop I lead, an author panel I’m on, or meeting readers one-on-one at a book signing, I almost always get asked that question. Here’s my short answer: Look around and listen. Ideas are there. What’s the story behind the shirt worn by the guy in […]

Resolve Depends on You

It’s mid-January and the resolve behind those New Year’s resolutions has dissolved, replaced by reasonable excuses. Most of these dismissive rationalizations involve time, or rather the perceived lack of it. I tried, we tell ourselves and others. I want to lose weight. But I just can’t seem to find the time to exercise. I’m unhappy […]

Fashion Treads

The fashion-defying old boots I wore for warmth self-destructed on my 62nd birthday. Flakes of crumbling faux leather I left behind lately whenever I zipped my feet into the comfort of weatherproof Totes with fleece lining left clues on my kitchen floor that I ignored. Much like the skin sags of age under my eyes […]

Learners Life Long

I love leading workshops and discussions with other life long learners who share my joy and passion for the written word. It doesn’t matter how many times I power through the same slides and read the first page of nine novels by authors who’d hoped to hook readers until the last page. The comments and […]

No Fat Here

“When your story is ready for rewrite, cut it to the bone. Get rid of every ounce of excess fat. This is going to hurt; revising a story down to the bare essentials is always a little like murdering children, but it must be done.” -Stephen King, in Writer’s Digest Sorry, Stephen. I love your […]

How to Hook Readers

Crime novelist extraordinaire Mickey Spillane said it best. The first page sells the book. The last page sells the next book. Finesse the six elements of fiction – character, plot, setting, point of view, theme and style – and you’ll hook readers into turning those pages through lunch hours, during commutes and into the wee […]

Readers: Who Are You? I Really Want to Know!

Authors write in a cocoon. We publish with our fingers crossed and hope the cover art we chose and the condensed teaser description on the back attracts readers who will buy and enjoy our story. Sometimes we get the reviews we crave, the feedback we need to write better. We connect with followers and friends […]

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Mystery “UnMatchables” Surprise

The cozy mystery I’d just finished reading reminded me of characters in “Moonlighting,” a TV series in the 1980s about an out-of-work model who brings in a partner to a detective agency she owns. My newbie private investigators, unlucky-in-love and mutually-vowed ‘friends-only’ Eddie Emerson and Kelly Gillespie, would set up shop in a north Chicago […]