Telling the stories within for readers to enjoy keeps me dipping into the well of my imagination, creating characters we’ll fall in love with together.

Rachel’Love Unlikely Novella available here life began in the final pages of “Heartland,” the middle book in the New Life in Love trilogy. Darien closes the book on his love and life revealed in “Reservations,” hums a lullaby to his infant daughter, and snuggles against his wife Miranda, pregnant with the sibling to Marisa the couple had wished for in the new year.

Marisa’s coming-of-age story takes center stage in “Belonging.” The sisters’ loving bond becomes mired in guilt, blame and anger after their father’s death.  A reader who faithfully followed and loved the three-part McKenna family saga saw Rachel as the whiny and self-centered baby sister who complained too much about missing senior prom.

That’s not how I intended my readers to feel about Rachel. The big sister she’d grown up with had just moved far away from their Iowa home. The father she adored was gone. Her mother’s erratic behavior caused by unbearable grief abruptly forced Rachel into the role of caregiver. The care free senior year in high school she’d anticipated was ripped away. She resented Marisa’s fairy tale life in love with Alistair in the Scottish Highlands.

The trilogy I’d thought had ended needed a post script. Rachel deserved the promise of happily-ever-after.

As do all of us who choose a new life in love.

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