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The UnMatchables Case#1 : Danger Noted

Romantic Suspense NEW RELEASE! Private investigators Eddie Emerson and Kelly Gillespie specialize in deep dive background checks for clients wary of an intimate partner who seems too good to be true. Their first slam dunk case pivots deadly. Jacob Malone has fallen in love with the lovely first chair cellist in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Cherise Blanchet’s guidance and friendship helped Jacob’s son master the cello and cope with his parents’ bitter divorce. Jacob hires the PI partners to dig into Cherise’s past. Gossip leads to intrigue and an international high society celebrity with more than his reputation to protect.
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Capital Strings

The fate of a nation and lives on the line Prime Minister Evan Reid “I hold a string that’s connected to every person in this country, every country in the world. It’s only one string of many. But if I pull it too hard and it breaks, the chain reaction I start could be catastrophic.” Chief of Staff Jerilynn Connor “My boss was headed for the House of Commons. What happened next was a nightmare I never dreamed I’d be awake to see.” Director of Parliamentary Protective Service Alec Martin “We trained for it. We were ready for it. We
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