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Spotting Ideas

  Where do you get your ideas? Whether at a workshop I lead, an author panel I’m on, or meeting readers one-on-one at a book signing, I almost always get asked that question. Here’s my short answer: Look around and listen. Ideas are there. What’s the story behind the shirt worn by the guy in the front row of the workshop classroom? Was it the only clean shirt he had in his closet that morning because he’s working three jobs and hasn’t had time to get to the laundromat? Maybe he doesn’t really like the shirt. But he wore it
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Resolve Depends on You

It’s mid-January and the resolve behind those New Year’s resolutions has dissolved, replaced by reasonable excuses. Most of these dismissive rationalizations involve time, or rather the perceived lack of it. I tried, we tell ourselves and others. I want to lose weight. But I just can’t seem to find the time to exercise. I’m unhappy at work. But I’m working so many hours I don’t have time to look for another job. Writers tap into our natural ability to create very persuasive rationalizations to let ourselves off the hook. Every book written on writing advises us to get into the
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