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Readers: Who Are You? I Really Want to Know!

Authors write in a cocoon. We publish with our fingers crossed and hope the cover art we chose and the condensed teaser description on the back attracts readers who will buy and enjoy our story. Sometimes we get the reviews we crave, the feedback we need to write better. We connect with followers and friends on Goodreads, chat on Facebook, reach out through social media platforms, send out email and newsletters and refresh our websites. But it’s the appearances at book fairs and signings that really bring us up and close and personal with the people who have or will
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Mystery “UnMatchables” Surprise

The cozy mystery I’d just finished reading reminded me of characters in “Moonlighting,” a TV series in the 1980s about an out-of-work model who brings in a partner to a detective agency she owns. My newbie private investigators, unlucky-in-love and mutually-vowed ‘friends-only’ Eddie Emerson and Kelly Gillespie, would set up shop in a north Chicago suburb to help clients avoid heartbreak. I envisioned a book series of deep dives into lovers’ and potential marital mates’ backgrounds with a touch of humor, surprising plot twists, and sometimes happily-ever-after results. Their first client would be a senior partner at a high-profile law
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