Dear Readers of Romance

My apologies for the long absence brought on by a major life and lifestyle change.

Uprooting and moving 2,100 miles from my hometown in Iowa to a place I’d never been has required every ounce of energy for nearly a year. Once the boxes are unpacked and my living and creative spaces function and feel like home again, revised New Life in Love book covers, weekly blogs, a new mystery/suspense novel and romance series set in Atlantic Canada are in our future.

Thank you for buying a book, posting a review, saying hello at a book signing and visiting this website.  To quote a line from one of my favorite films “The Abyss”

Keep Pantyhose On

What’s next will be worth the wait.

IT’S HERE! By popular request from my book loving readers – The paperback version of Tales from Heartland – 4 short stories (NEW – “Adele’s New Life in Love” added to the original 3 short stories in the Kindle version) and the saucy, sexy novella of Rachel and Drew’s whirlwind romance “Love Unlikely”!

While I’ve learned never to say never, Adele Murphy’s meetup with a high school sweetheart who never was could be the final chapter in the New Life in Love saga that began with the release of “Reservations” four years ago.

I invite all my readers to fall as deeply in love with every New Life in Love character in the trilogy as I have.

Ali and Darien in “Reservations”
Miranda, her sister Sam, and the folk of Harmony in “Heartland”
Marisa and Alistair in “Belonging”

All of my books – and the fabulous cook book “Recipes from New Life in Love” authored by my very own Chef John LaBella – can be purchased through my website and on

Before 2018 comes to a close, I’ll introduce you to Eddie and Kelly and a whole new cast of characters caught up in mystery, murder and international intrigue played out against the gritty backdrop of Chicago in “The UnMatchables.”

Enjoy the read!